by The Sea Sound

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released April 22, 2012



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The Sea Sound New York

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Track Name: What I Lay Behind
Would you like it I just up and left
Just up and went, to Dublin, Ireland
Would you be scared if I got on a train
And ventured over the Northeast Atlantic

I hate it when I say I hate it when
And I'm pretty sure everyone else feels the same
They're all tired of such a negative
Outlook towards it all, everything in general

I have never said and actually did
Anything that I can call a commitment
I can talk a game, and then I fail to win
It's all just smoke and mirror images

If the day came when
My life were to end
Weather I take it myself, or have a heart attack
Die of old age or natural causes
On that fatal day, do you think you'd attend

My funeral
Join my family and friends
Offer condolences to both of my parents
Would you laugh and cry and the photo collages
Would you blame yourself for never saying it

I have made a mess of nearly everything
I've got to take a stand and not just dwell on it
I don't have a crystal ball or a time machine
Still I have to pave the road I'm walking on.
Track Name: Blackest of Night
Father I wish that you could see what I've become
I've been singing "So long" when I wish that you would come
With me down to the park
But you hide in the darkest house on the road
And I feel so unwelcome
I could never go inside on my own

Why I've waited this long is beyond rational thought
See me for the man that I've become
There was propaganda plastered in the tunnels of decision
What was right doesn't ever seem to work
Will it ever seem to work

The rise of many always needed one to fall

Why do I speak in heated tongues
Has the fever I've become sickened everyone
I've gotta let it burn

Words travel through a sullen tunnel
Reaping war on a lone victim
It was only strategy, now a conundrum

Without a logical direction
Has the victim I've become
I've gotta let it go

One hundred thousand warm welcomes
Not a single rising sun, not one
I deserve the blackest of nights and a cold tundra

Why persist when I should succumb
To the victim I've become
I was only having a laugh
I've gotta let it burn
Track Name: Mariana's Hovering Sea
Come inside don't let the bugs in
Cause I know how much they favor the flavor of your skin

I never had an equal part in this
And I can tell by the blue in your eye that you've been seeing him

And I can tell by the blue in your eye that you've been seeing him

Come inside and stay for a while
Crawl into my comfort wearing nothing but a smile

Instead you make me feel as low as I can feel
Like the deepest rooted tree
Mariana's hovering sea

And I can tell by the blue in your eye that you've been seeing him
I'd wait forever, if I could see you once again

But you'd be seeing him
Track Name: Boarded Doors
When the feeling starts to leave
When there's nothing to achieve
And the air turns cold and embers grey

When the feeling starts to go
To a place that no one knows
Am I near or far or no where at all

Why would I pray for rain
While lost in a Labyrinth
Am I near or far to no where at all

I'd like to think I'm somewhere there along
A path that I have traveled for so long
Is cluttered with abandoned road stops
and boarded doors

Meet me on the shores of young
I'll wait patiently as the harvest leaves turn red and yellow

When the feeling starts to leave
Like a hand in a wounded sleeve
Whether near or far or no where at all